>Input phase

>Now that my freelancing gig is over, I have more time to write. So that means I’m not writing.
I am, however, working the stories out in my head when I fall asleep. And then I forget what solutions I came up with. Hi ho. If it was the right solution, it will come back as I’m writing.

If I ever write again.

My conditions for getting into a serious rhythm with this book, which is now due in 6-1/2 months:

Find another job that lets me make enough money to pay all my bills, grocery shop regularly, take my dog for her annual senior wellness exam, furnish my house, buy a wedding dress and cake and caterer, and fix my radiator.

Accomplish all of the above.

Then, let the writing commence!

Until then, I will be working the stories out in my head, growing ever more distant from the trauma itself until I will have no better expertise for recollecting it than anyone else would.


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